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One of BigayPH's inspirations is a a development communications specialist for an international cooperation on climate change and poverty alleviation. She travels far and wide for climate-resilient economic development and sustainable livelihoods, especially for vulnerable populations – the poor, women, and indigenous people.

Meet Meg Yandoc, feisty, out-spoken, independent, creative and a wonderful woman who can hold her own. Career life aside, she is an artist, a mother and loves design and discovering different cuisines. The pandemic may have limited her mobility with her thirst for wanderlust so it's interesting how she channeled her energy with sprucing her home, Meg-style.

We love her personal style and adding BigayPH's products just made it extra. Let's step inside Meg's delightful space as we get to know her better.

How was it like adjusting to WFH?

MY: The pandemic hit at a time when I was wrapping-up a work project that required me to travel for a year and be away from home for weeks on end, so I think I totally embraced working from home more than people I know, and a year later, still enjoying the benefits of remote work. I just had to do some minor adjustments like setting up a nice work space with good lighting and filled my home with things I like, such as plants, flowers, candles and room and linen sprays, things that easily get me in a good mood.

In picture is BigayPH's Umaga Room & Linen Spray and Flamingoes & Ferns charger plate

What is your home style? 

MY: I really go for the minimalist uncluttered look, and the serenity of Scandinavian and industrial home styles but I also like fresh botanical colors and accents for happy vibes, so I end up having a clean-bohemian look bordering on resort-café, places I miss now that we need to stay home a lot.

What home pieces did you add during the lockdown and how did this mesh with your current style?

MY: A parasol and mini stools that double as outdoor cocktail tables for my small balcony. I needed that feeling of being by the beach or a rooftop bar to unwind at the end of each long day being online. I get bored easily with just one look around my home, so I mix and match items to freshen up a corner or a shelf or even floor space, using small rugs and of course rotating my indoor plants to highlight a current favorite or one that needs more attention.

Favorite nook?

MY: My balcony! Condo living in the time of Covid-19 can make us feel so trapped and literally deprived of being outdoors, so I love hanging out here to watch the sunrise, and at night to watch the city skyline especially when there’s a full moon.

Any Lockdown unlocked achievements?

Alaala Room & Linen Spray adorns Meg's console table

MY: The quarantined life has made me discover that I like painting and it has been my motivation to wake up each day, meet work deadlines, and create more time in my day so I can paint. It’s become very therapeutic for me, and distracts me from this very stressful and sad time where everyone is struggling to be okay.

Any styling advise for condo dwellers?

MY: Choose furniture that’s not massive to create more space and allow easy movement, especially for indoor exercise, which I try to do a lot of. I’ve also learned to buy pieces that are versatile and can be used in different situations. For example, I have a metal trolley which doubles as a bar cart for happy hour by the balcony, and as a portable caddy for my art supplies when I’m painting -- and which can be tucked away in the storage when I don’t need it.

Sprucing up a room doesn’t need a major add-to-cart moment, even just small items, or a new room scent can uplift and add joy in a snap!

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  • You’re amazing Ms Meg! Your comments are truly inspiring and refreshing.. especially during these uncertain times… congratulations!


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